Giffoni Macedonia - the beginnings

Giffoni Macedonia - how it all started?

Giffoni Macedonia is part of the big Giffoni Family and a regional hub of the biggest cultural event for young people in the world Giffoni Film Festival.

The festival that originally started in Italy, came to Macedonia as a result of the wonderful energy and enthusiasm that Macedonian kids brought with themselves throughout the years of participation at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy.

The Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” was created as an initiative of Claudio Gubitosi, the founder and creator of Giffoni Film Festival inspired by proactive young participants from Macedonia. From the very beginning of the implementation of this festival, the Film Agency, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia and the Italian Embassy in Skopje have given their continuous support and active involvement for the purpose of ensuring a successful realization of the festival and the other accompanying activities which are an integral part of Giffoni Macedonia.

Giffoni Macedonia - the mission

The primary goals of Giffoni Macedonia:

  • to contribute to the growth and social development of young generations;
  • to actively unite and engage young audiences in a unique driving force – an international jury, tasked with evaluating the films in competition;
  • to enable enrichment of children's knowledge of European stories, countries, nationalities, cultures and societies through film;
  • to expand the experience and education of children and youth through active participation in educational platforms within the festival;
  • to encourage multicultural communication and exchange among children;
  • to offer a cultural product which itself combines film program and educational platform (workshops, master classes etc);


Giffoni Macedonia is a Film festival where the young participants take the role of a Jury. There are three competition sections for feature length movies and several categories for short movies. There is also a non-competition movie program open to the general public.


The participants can choose among several 5-days creative workshops, where they get to learn new skills and techniques in different fields of creative industries. The workshops are conducted under the mentorship of experienced professionals and educators.


Q&A sessions: After the screenings the jurors meet the directors or the actors of the movies.

Masterclasses: The jurors meet representatives of the art and creative industries, civil society and the education sector, for a discussion and exchange of opinions.

The Jury

The Jury of the Festival is composed of over 500 young participants from Macedonia and abroad. They are divided in three age groups: Juniors (11-14), Cadets (15-16) and Seniors (17-19) Each group watches the movies carefully selected for their age, and vote for their favorite ones.

Exchange program

Every year ten to fifteen students represent North Macedonia in film festivals and other events organized by our international partners.

They are selected among the participants of Giffoni Macedonia that have been loyal and active in all the segments of the Festival: discussions, workshops, hospitality program.


The Hospitality program entails the very essence of the Giffoni concept: The guest jurors from foreign countries are hosted by the families of local jurors. They take part of all activities, they live one week as if they were part of the family and they get to learn about local traditions, habits, food. And the best part: new friendships.

The EPYC project

The project EPYC - Enhancing Peace through Youth Creativity, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is a part of the 2023 edition. It aims to promote regional peace and reconciliation, through film and other content created by young authors and for young audiences.

Other activities

Apart from the main Festival in October in Skopje, during the year, we organize other screenings and workshops all over Macedonia. The project Giffoni on Tour consists of two-day events in other towns in North Macedonia. The project Giffoni Movie Days offers screenings and workshops on the weekends.


The Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film festival, together with all the other activities we offer to kids and youth during the year, are supported by Macedonian, Italian and international institutions, companies and friends that believe in our mission.

About Media Literacy Association “Planet-M”

The Media Literacy Association “Planet-M” supports the development of the young generation by implementing activities in the field of education, art, culture, as well as human (children’s) rights and active involvement of young people in all segments of their growth and development in civil society.

The mission of the Association for Media Literacy “Planet-M” is to promote media literacy, education, culture, critical thinking, tolerance, law and democracy and to develop them through formal and informal educational processes and activities and involvement of youth in them. In order to accomplish the mission, the association designs, develops and implements creative projects and workshops that promote non-formal education and culture in modern society for wider educational, cultural, economic and social development, to help young people realize their full potential. Through informal education in various segments, Planet-M educates and supports young people on their growth, maturation as well as achieving equality and harmony by gender, social, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation or any other basis, thus reducing discrimination, bullying and youth violence in general.

The main tool for motivating and involving young people is the film, mostly through the International Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, which is a branch of the world’s leading festival for children and youth “Giffoni Experience” from Italy, and through its itinerant version held few times a year in a smaller cities called “Giffoni on Tour”. Film screenings are used to motivate young people to open a debate on topics that affect their generation. International cooperation and involvement of young people from our country in various international projects are other important segments of the activities.