Special events


SPECIAL EVENT Friday, 06/10 16:45 MKC/Frosina Open to public


Everyone likes stories that talk about passion, commitment and courage.

Let us tell you the story that stands behind the brand @filmthusiast.

SPECIAL EVENT Saturday, 07/10 15:45 MKC/Frosina Open to public

EPYC TALKS: Changing the world, one film at a time

Which kind of stories inspire change?

I shange possible at all and what can we do to contribute?

Can films really shape the mind of young people?

Join us for the first EPYC Talks on Saturday. We'll search for the answer to these and many other questions with our friends from some of the most important film festivals for children and youth in the region.

SPECIAL EVENT Saturday, 07/10 17:00 MKC/Frosina Open to public


Written and Directed by Martin Chichovski &Olivera Kamenarovska

Starring: Mila Grozdanovska, Dame Joveski, Marija Jovchevska and David Prchev

Produced by: Olivera Kamenarovska

2023 6'

Friends go on a picnic, and the enjoyment lasts until they lose their beer in the rushing river. While chasing after it, Kalina meets a long-lost person in the forest.

SPECIAL EVENT Sunday, 08/10 17:00 MKC/Frosina Open to public


Fact Check: Who is playing with your mind?

Can you tell who is trying to manipulate you on social media/TV/ media outlets?

Who is lying and who is telling the truth?

How to check facts?

SPECIAL EVENT Sunday, 08/10 17:45 MKC/Frosina Open to public

"Jan" - short movie, world premiere

A film about friendship and love, in a moment in life when impulses and changes are irresistible.

A brutally honest relationship in a brutal environment that does not accept honest emotions and does not understand that sometimes reason is not the most important thing.

SPECIAL EVENT Saturday, 07/10 15:45 MKC/Frosina Open to public

EPYC TALKS: Innovative education. Teaching values through film and creative activities

Can creativity be used as a teaching tool?

How can we include more creative activities in schools and formal education?

Join us for the second EPYC Talks on Monday.

We'll talk about the connection between film and creative activities for kids as an innovative approach to education.

SPECIAL EVENT Monday 09/10 17:00 MKC/Frosina Open to public

"The Life of a Board"

A short film by Leona Jarikj

The film follows Timi, an energetic young skater who always has something more to say with his board than with words.

SPECIAL EVENT Monday, 09/10 17:00 MKC/Frosina Open to public

"The Students of Umberto Primo"

Docudrama. Greece, Italy, 2021. 80′

Director: Alessandra Maioletti.

Concept & Script: Antonio Crescenzi, Alessandra Maioletti

Thessaloniki, Nazi occupation, 96 percent of the Jewish population was sent to Auschwitz. This film records the untold stories of nine Jewish students who attended the Italian school, Umberto Primo.

The film is based on archival material discovered in 2003 by an Italian professor and testimonies of surviving protagonists.