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    Избрани се македонските претставници за Џифони Експириенс 2017

    Избрани се македонските претставници за меѓународното жири за фестивалот за млади Џифони Експириенс 2017 во Италија кој ќе се одржи од 14-22 јули

    За време на четвртото издание на фестивалот Џифони Македонија 2016 беа избрани четири млади, а на конкурсот објавен оваа година беа избрани уште четири члена на меѓународното младинско жири.
    Македонските претставници во меѓународното жири за Џифони Експириенс 2017 се:
    Агон Џафери
    Јована Куцуловска...

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    Отворен повик за пријавување филмови за „Мобил Фестивал 2016“

    Отворен повик за пријавување филмови за „Мобил Фестивал 2016“


    Меѓународниот фестивал за филмови снимени со мобилен телефон „Мобил Фестивал“ објавува отворен повик за пријавување филмови за седмото издание, кое ќе се одржи од 15-ти до 26 ноември во Скопје. Право да се пријават имаат сите филмови кои се снимени со мобилен телефон кои не се подолги од 10 минути, а истите претходно не биле пријавени на претходните изданија на „Мобил Фестивал“. Во конкуренција влегуваат сите филмови кои ќе пристигнат до крајниот рок за пријавување – 20 ноември 2016 година...

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    Giffoni Experience and Macedonian Film Agency officially sign a new three-year agreement within the 47. Giffoni Film Festival

    As a result of the successful cooperation in previous years on 23 of july in Giffoni, Italy, in the frame of this year’s edition of “Giffoni Film Festival”, the Director of Macedonian Film Agency, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska and the Executive director of Giffoni Experience, Mr. Claudio Gubitosi, officially signed a new three-year agreement for cooperation. The signing of this agreement is extremely important for the promotion of the film production, creating a network for free circulation of films for a young audience, development and promotion of film culture and strengthens cultural cooperation between Macedonia and Italy.


    On the occasion of signing of the agreement, the Director of Macedonian Film Agency, Ms...

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    Workshop program 2016



    4th edition STORYVERSE

                                                                          Workshop info


    CADETS & SENIORS (High schools)


    1. Auteur Theory Film – From Idea to Premiere

    The participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to delve into the secrets of film art, getting to know in great detail the basics of frame, lens, film plan, camera movement, sound, color. Through a series of examples, the participants, divided in groups, will make characterization of characters, at the same time, from idea through synopsis, producing a movie script.

    2. FILM 101 – One Minute Films

    This workshop focuses on the creation of one minute films, the building of a story with all of its nuances (shades), and the utilization ...

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    Be a Giffonier be a volunteer was the latest campaign for encouraging young people to join our wonderful “giffoni-family” and contribute with their energy and creativity to fulfilling our mission! In the past three years Giffoni Macedonia has collaborated with over 100 young people that unselfishly dedicated their time to achieving our cause

    Today we would like to thank them all and celebrate together the International Volunteer Day!!!

    new collage


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    Workshop Program 2015 (High schools)


    Third edition October 7-11





    1. ONE-MINUTE FILMS  (open lecture)

    The one-minute films are a specific form of the short film. This workshop introduces the participants with the basics of the one-minute format and the possibilities it offers. Getting familiar with several narrative structures that fit nicely in this format, the participants will be directed toward an independent work on their own one-minute films.

    2. SCREENPLAY (participants 20 max)

    The screenplay workshop reveals the secrets of the basic elements required to build the drama in a single scene. Working in groups, the participants will develop entire scene sets based on partly pre-developed characters, locations or props and their modifications.


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    Giffoni Macedonia On Tour 2015 – Bitola

    Almost two weeks before the third edition of Giffoni Macedonia “Daydreaming” (that will be held in Skopje from 7th to 11th October), the second part of Giffoni On Tour edition in Bitola has just ended. This was another successful chapter of this project and everyone was satisfied with it. Giffoni on Tour in the same time was guest in the Vip Educational Program as part of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers.

    Giffoni on tour aims to present the cultural product “Giffoni” across the country involving a large number of young film enthusiasts through an educational program that is followed by the film laboratories. The atmosphere in Bitola was amazing and all the participants had so much fun enjoying the daily program...

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    *Бидете дел од волонтерскиот тим на Џифони! И оваа година Џифони Македонија ја бара вашата креативност, енергичност и посветеност надевајќи се дека и овогодишното трето издание на Џифони “DayDreaming” заедно ќе го направиме единствено и неповторливо.

    *Пополни ја апликацијата најдоцна до 7ми септември:    http://goo.gl/forms/9gOYZUEKHx


    *Giffoni Macedonia is thrilled to invite you to be a part of our creative story in the...

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    Филмскиот фестивал за млади Џифони Македонија објавува повик за апликации на авторски младински кратки филмови за селекција на претстојното издание на фестивалот 7-11 Октомври 2015. Сите средношколци и младинци може да аплицираат со авторски филмски дела. Селектираните филмови ќе бидат презентирани во засебна селекција за време на фестивалот.


    Испратете ги вашите основни податоци: наслов на филмот и име и презиме на членовите на филмската екипа на е-маил адресата ...

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    Macedonia at 45th edition of Giffoni Experience in Italy

    Macedonian participants at Giffoni Experience – Italy

    12 young people from Macedonia aged 13-18 will join the Macedonian delegation and take part at the 45th edition of the Giffoni Experience Film Festival, running July 17-26 in Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy:

    Matej Stanojevik 13+ Georgi Dimitrov
    Anastasija Milkovska 16+ Rade Jovceski Korcagin
    Teodora Angelevska 16+ Nova International Schools
    Ana Tatabitovska 13+ Nova International Schools
    Isidora Cvetkovska 16+ Orce Nikolov
    Anja Dimova 16+ Nova International Schools
    Leon Ristov 16+ Orce Nikolov
    Vera Pacoova dal Maskio 16+ Nova International Schools
    Ardit Bina 16+ Josip Broz Tito
    Goran Poposki 13+ Kliment Ohridski Prilep
    Angela Dimeska 16+ Nova International Schools
    Evgenija Stankovska 13+ Nikola Karev


    As ...

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    Macedonia at Four River Film Fest in Croatia

    For a second consecutive year Macedonia will be featured at the 8th edition of Four River Film Festival which runs June 23-27 in Karlovac, Croatia. The festival, dedicated to highschool film and young film lovers, will be attended by 4 teenagers from Macedonia: Anastasija Boshkoska, Lidija Jovanovska, Sofija Sinadinovska and Kristijan Jankuloski.   Moreover, “The murder of a planet”, a one-minute film by Lidija Jovanovska student at “Georgi Dimitrov” – Skopje was selected to compete against 70 other films submitted from all over the world as part of the official competition. Being both original and educational, through short scenes and dialogues, “The murder of a planet” focuses on the significance of water as an essential life source.

    Three Macedonian shorts  (“Bardo” by M...

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    Application form for Four Rivers Film Festival-Croatia

    Giffoni Macedonia never stops!!!

    If you are really into film-making, directing, traveling, meeting new friends all around the world and so many other things then you only need to submit this application. Call for participation on the well-known Four River Film Festival in Croatia this June!

    Hurry up – the call is open till the 27th of May!



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    Macedonia at the 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival

    Macedonian Film Agency is for the sixth time attending the Marche du Film, within the regional pavilion of South-Eastern Europe (SEE Pavilion) No.132 at this year’s 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival running May 13-24.

    The Film Market will host screenings of four Macedonian films and between them the last release “Honey night” of the director Ivo Trajkov in which the main role is interpreted by our Giffoni Macedonia star Nikola Ristanovski!

    List of the movies presented in Cannes Film Festival

    Honey Night  by Ivo Trajkov
    Three Days in September  by Darijan Pejovski
    Siska deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic
    The Woman of My Life by Antony Donchev



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    Interview- Mark Noonan, director of “You’re ugly too”

    Interview with YOU’RE UGLY TOO director

    Dublin-based director Mark Noonan talks about his film YOU’RE UGLY TOO, how he got the idea for the film, about his first short QUESTIONS and finding out that he likes the combination of tragedy and humour, and about working with the young actress Lauren Kinsella.


    Mark Noonan is a writer/director working in drama and documentary. His first two short films QUESTIONS (2008) and GETTING AIR (2010) met with success at Irish and international festivals. A participant of the 2011 Berlinale Talent Campus, Mark Noonan presented his debut feature YOU’RE UGLY TOO in the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival’s Generation Kplus Competition.


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    Interview- Gabriele Salvatores, director of “Invisible boy”

    Interview with INVISIBLE BOY director

    Italian director Gabriele Salvatores talks about his film THE INVISIBLE BOY, that he wanted to make a film about a 13-year-old European superhero and how he wanted to be invisible as a teenager (particularly for the girls). Gabriele learned filmmaking by simply making films and he still enjoys working with amateurs.


    Born in 1950 in Naples, Gabriele Salvatores graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Piccolo Theatre in Milan. He was one of the founders, in 1972, of the Tetro dell’Elfo which within a few years became an important reference for a whole generation of young spectators...

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