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1. Eureka Flash-Mob

Learn the basics of group dancing and how to be a surprise on any event. The flash-mob groups appear unannounced and perform dances in the crowd that don’t expect them. This type of dance groups, which has become very popular in the last 10 years, present real pleasure and surprise for everyone.

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2. Crossroad Theater

How to tell a story through awakening of the consciousness for your emotions, your body and voice? Setting a play that tells a story about the crossroad of growing up, every participant learns the opportunities that the alternative theater offers for showing your own individuality.


3. We’re Building Style

On this workshop the students will make different pendants, badges, key chains and accessories. Through these handcrafts they will express their favorite style, band, athlete or message that they want to share with the others.


4. Creative-educative Lighthouse

Through games and play, creative handcrafts and performance we learn about the human values. At this workshop, in a fun and interesting way you will learn something more about yourself and the others, for friendships and love.

13+ 16+


1. Storyboard

The storyboard is one of the most important steps in the filmmaking. This process is defining the film visually and is the first moment when the script comes “to life”. Working on the basics of drawing and creating the characters, technical elements  and applying this knowledge into a final product that will guide the further flow and the vision of the film crew,  are just parts of this workshop.


2. Photoprose

The combination of photography and prose always give interesting and unexpected results. Try this interesting merging of photography and writing. The photo-essay is a process of “writing down” the stories through the lens of the camera. The possibilities that are part of this particular narration are part of the creative process that can surprise even the author himself.

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3. Short film workshop (16+)

The film is represented in different time forms that have their own narrative flow. In the making of this 5-6 minutes short feature film, a crew will be assembled to fulfill all the major roles on the set, necessary for successful completion of a movie. Because the process will include writing the script, introductory lectures, shooting and editing, the group will be in contact and preparation of the script before the beginning of the festival via Skype.

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4. TV-Reporters

TV-reports are specific aspect of journalistic work and field reporting. This workshop will include all major aspects of tv-reports and the rules of their making. The team will make several reports that will cover different elements of the festival.


5. (f)Animation

Animation represents fun and demanding process of animating moving pictures. This workshop will include 2D, 3D and stop-motion, making of puppets and their animation on a green screen. All these techniques will be combined in an animation that at the end will represent collaborative, narrative.  final artwork.

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6. Soundscape

At this workshop, the participants will get to know the important process of editing the sound. This process is one of the major elements that directly influences the quality of the film. Dubbing, sound effects and film music are part of one whole soundscape that will be incorporated in the Italian web-series “She dies”.


7. Video Games

Creating a video game is a long process that requires certain knowledge, but in this workshop, the basics of developing a video game will be represented in a fun and easy way. Working with 2D and 3D animation as one of the major elements in the developing process of the video game, will be just a part of the workshop that will result in a game available for everybody.


8. Introduction to One-Minute-Films (13+)

One-minute-film is a specific kind of a short film. At this lecture will be presented the basic and narrative possibilities of one-minute-films, as the basic aspects of their making with available techniques. In the period of few days, the participants will cover the process of making a one-minute-film and that will introduce them in the general principles of film narration.

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