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The second edition of Giffoni Macedonia was another particular and extraordinary experience for all of us. We did our first steps last year, as a result of the commitment, the desire and the ambition of the Giffoni Macedonia team, the Macedonian Film Agency and the collaboration of the Giffoni Experience team. Along with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Italian Embassy in Skopje, the Ministry of education and science, the City of Skopje, the municipality of  Karpos,  Youth Cultural Centre – MKC and Cinematheque of Macedonia. The festival was  held in the beginning of October (8-12). Again, on this edition we had participants that were divided in 3 categories: generator +10 (Cinematheque of Macedonia), generator +13 (Cinema Milenium) and +16 (Youth Cultural Centre – MKC).Over 600 young people at the age between 10 and 18 crossed their ideas, thoughts, emotions and with their participation were part of another extraordinary Giffoni chapter. This year our festival was significantly richer with international jurors, home guests – famous persons from Macedonia and Europe and more activities for everyone.Giffoni Macedonia proved to be a recognizable and fundamental element in our culture and moreover will aim for keeping it in the years to come.


2014-10-12 Igor Kostov 1352014-10-12 Igor Kostov 052



On this year’s edition of the Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival, the most exciting and intriguing novelty was the Green Carpet.

This color perfectly reflected the energetic atmosphere during the 5 days of the festival in front of Mladinski kulturen centar (Youth Cultural Centre).

The one who started the whole buzz on this “slightly” different carpet was Adriano Valerio, one of the special guests from Italy. The last year’s award winner on the Cannes Film Festival for his short film “37°4 S” , was warmly welcomed by the jury of the GFF. The actor answered every question of the curious jury members, and also took some time to strike a pose with the biggest fans.

One of the most successful actors on the Macedonian world of cinematography, Nikola Ristanovski, walked down the Green Carpet on the second day of the festival, on the 9th of October. Ristanovski answered so many interesting and creative questions of our jurors so everyone enjoyed this “Meet & Greet”.

The third, and also the youngest guest, coming from Italy, was Robert Dancs, who was particularly entertaining for the audience.

2014-10-09 Ana LAzarevska 060

2014-10-08 Marija Gjakovska 62



The following day reached its culmination with the irreplaceable Sashko Kocev, welcomed with standing ovations by the enthusiastic crowd, impatient to hear his witty comments and responses. His energy and noisy laughter dominated during the whole “Meet & Greet”.

Labina Mitevska was the figure of wisdom and grace on the last day of the festival, giving advice to the young audience from her rich experience.

Giffoni Macedonia fulfilled and will always try to fulfill your dreams, giving you the unique opportunity to meet famous people and with them discover and share the love for the seventh art.

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1. Eureka Flash-Mob

 The dance group Eureka held a flash-mob workshop as part of this year’s edition of Giffoni Macedonia. The result was extraordinary and brought high-spirits for everyone present on the closing ceremony. Take a peek inside what they did.

 2. Crossroad Theatre

 Giffoni Macedonia had the “Crossroads” as the festival’s theme this year. The Crossroad Theatre worked with all age groups to the deliver the idea of the life’s crossroad everyone faces as they grow up. Congratulation to everyone involved for the great performance

2014-10-08 Magdalena Tanevska 0782014-10-12 Igor Kostov 077

3. Building Style

 The youngest generation that took part of Giffoni Macedonia, had the opportunity to define and create their unique style during this five-day workshop. They made numerous badges, rings, bracelets and earrings. The results were obviously great because they sparkled an interest with all of the guests.

 4. (f)Animation

 The animation workshop organized by our friends from Four River Film Festival in Karlovac, Croatia, was a big hit with everyone from the festival jury. In only five days, the participants used classical and stop-motion animation to tell various short stories.

 5. Creative Lighthouse

 This workshop took the participants through a creative and educational journey of the basic human values. Stories, games and handcrafts were the elements that put perspective to what makes us human and how to grow and develop our personality.

 6. TV-Reporters

 Another workshop from our Croatian friends, the Four River Film Festival, that captured the international and positive spirit of Giffoni Macedonia. The TV-Reporters workshop took the “Crossroads” theme and showed how Giffoni Macedonia is the place where many roads meet. Great work!

 7.  Storyboard

 Giffoni Macedonia through the workshops aims to combine all of the elements that are even remotely connected with film. This workshop is the pillar of the filmmaking process. Here the participants learned the basics of the visual storytelling by creating their storyboards.

 8. Soundscape

 The power of the sound makes the reality of film possible. On the Soundscape workshop the participants worked with Credo School of Music to build completely new sound design for the first episode of the Italian web-series “She Died”, produced by Giffoni Experience. Take a look how the dubbing in Macedonian, the sound effects and the music give a different flavor to the episode.

 9. Video Games

 The participants on this workshop got direct experience of the working environment in Seavus Educational and Development Centre. They had the opportunity to first handedly work on the basic steps of character design which is one of the main elements of building a video game.

 10. Short Film Workshop

 The third and final workshops in collaboration with our friends from Four River Film Festival brought the adventures of the mischief – The Cutter and his nemesis the Glueman. The participants had on-hand experience of the process of filmmaking and discovered the most important things to run a set.

 11.  One-Minute Films

 The One-Minute Films lecture explained the basics of the one minute narrative and gave complete creative freedom to the participants. They returned the trust and made four one-minute films. With no particular order, in the next four days we’ll present the results. Here is one for starters.

12. Photo – fiction

 The combination of photography and prose always give interesting and unexpected results. The photo-essay is a process of “writing down” the stories through the lens of the camera. The possibilities that are part of this particular narration are part of the creative process that can surprise even the author himself. Our participants were really creative and did great job.


Respectively, every year we have winners of the movies that were presented on our selection. Here are the results of this year’s voting.

“BEHAVIOR” (Cuba) winner of the Generator 13 +

“EXIT MARRAKECH” (Germany) winner of the Generator 16+

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