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General Information

The Republic of Macedonia is located in the central Balkan in Southeast Europe surrounded by the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Kosovo. The country is of parliamentary democracy with a civil constitution that guarantees equal rights and freedoms for all its citizens.


Capital: Skopje

Official languages: Macedonian

Population: 2, 02 million (2002 census)

Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD)

Time zone:

CET (UTC+1)/ summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Electricity/Voltage=50Hz/220 V

Calling code: +389

Web domain: mk

MKD pegged to Euro €1 = MKD 61, 5

(Stable against DM/€ over 10 years)


City of Skopje

Skopje is located in the north of the Republic of Macedonia. Skopje is the administrative center of the Republic of Macedonia and an important diplomatic center in the Balkans. The city is located in the Valley of the River Vardar and is approximately 245m above sea level and covers 571.46 km2. The urbanized area only covers 337 km2. The City of Skopje comprises of 506,926 inhabitants. Skopje is an ethnically diverse city, and its urban sociology primarily depends on ethnic and religious belonging. The climate of Skopje is usually classified as continental sub-Mediterranean. Skopje is a crossroad to the Balkan routes, located almost exactly midway between the capital cities of its neighbor countries: Tirana (Albania) is 299km from Skopje, Sofia (Bulgaria) is 220km from Skopje, Athens (Greece) is 691km from Skopje, Belgrade (Serbia) is 425km from Skopje, and Pristina (Kosovo) is 85km from Skopje.