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The Giffoni Film Festival is organised by the independent Association: “Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience”, a non-profit Association that was constituted in 1973. It is supported by the Campania Regional Government, the Italian Ministry for Arts and Culture, the Salerno Provincial Administration and the Municipality of Giffoni Valle Piana. Other associations, organisations, institutions and private sponsors also support the Festival.

The 45th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival will take place under the Patronage of the Italian Head of State.

For over 45 years the Festival has acted as a sounding board for cinema production destined for children and young people. It represents the ideal place for vivacious confrontation between filmmakers, producers and distributors and also provides a bridge between the sector’s production universe and its target audience. The Festival also aims to promote the knowledge and circulation of products of high artistic value, capable of contributing to the formation and cultural growth of a mature critical conscience in young people.


1.1 Elements +3 – competitive section for short animation movies for children from 3 to 5 years of age.
1.2 Elements +6 – competitive section for feature length films and short films (fiction and animation) for audiences from 6 to 9 years of age.
1.3 Elements +10 – competitive section for feature length films and short films (fiction and animation) for audiences from 10 to 12 years of age.
1.4 Generator +13 – competitive section for feature length films (fiction and animation) for audiences from 13 to 15 years of age.
1.5 Generator +16 – competitive section for feature length films (fiction and animation) for audiences from 16 to 18 years of age.
1.6 Generator +18 – competitive section for feature films and short films (fiction and animation) about children and youth but aimed to an adult audience.
1.7 GEX Doc – competitive section for documentaries about infanthood and coming of age.
1.8 Previews – Feature films out of competition for youth and families.
1.9 Parental Control – non competitive sections for feature length films released in the Italian territory during the 2014/15 season.

Short films must not run for more than 30′ while feature length films must  run for at least 60′.
Preferred formats are as follows: DCP, HDCAM (not SR), Blu-ray, DigiBeta.
File H264HD or Apple Pro-res format only for short films.


2.1 For the Elements competitive sections the Jury is to be composed of children (600 circa per section) who will award the Gryphon to the best feature film and to the best short film;

2.2 For the Generator +13 and +16 competitive sections the International Jury is to be composed of teenagers from all over the world (500 circa per section) who will award the Gryphon to the best feature film;

2.3 For the Generator +18 section the Jury is to be composed of teachers, university students and cinephiles who will award the Gryphon to the best feature film and to the best short film;

2.4 GEX DOC – a Jury composed of the general audience will award the Gryphon Award to the best documentary.

The Juries’ decisions are unquestionable.


3.1 Terms and conditions for the admission to the selection. Only films produced after October 2013 will be considered for selectionand priority will be given to previously unedited films. ONLY FOR FEATURE LENGTH FILMS: the film presentation at any other italian film festival or its theatrical or broadcasting on television in italy will exclude it from participating in the giffoni film festival.

The deadline of DVDs, files or links submission to be included in the pre-selection is the 5th of June 2015.
All DVDs for the feature length films should be sent to the following address:

Via Aldo Moro 4
84095 Giffoni Valle Piana

the shorts must be registered on one of the platform of (Eventival, FestHome, FilmFreeway, FilmFestivalLife, ecc.). The following step is to upload the films and provide all the required data by June 5 2015 . For any further information please contact

Materials for inclusion in the pre-selection must be sent at the expense of the participants. The DVDs of the Feature Length Films will be returned only if a specific request is made by the sender. Our Association will keep a copy of each film, which will then be kept in our Cine Library and used exclusively for cultural and educational reasons.

3.2 Selection terms. The selection will take place under the unquestionable judgment of the Festival’s Artistic Management who will communicate the results exclusively to the production and distribution companies of the films selected, no later than the 19th of June 2015.

3.3 Materials. On receiving official notification of the film’s inclusion in competition, absolute priority must be given to the dispatch of the following materials:

  • – DVD or File of the entire film with English Subtitles

 These DVD/file shall be used for Italian subtitling if necessary, therefore screeners with watermarks are ok.

  • – Entry form (to be completed online on the platforms provided on our website)
  • – Biography, filmography and photograph of the Director (by e-mail)
  • – Director’s notes on the film and production notes (by e-mail)
  • – Complete list of dialogues in English and/or a list of subtitles (by e-mail)
  • – Slides or photographs from the film (by e-mail or ftp)
  • – Posters, Brochures, Flyers
  • – Trailer (only for feature films) in video format no longer than 2 minutes (also by ftp)

DVDs, brochures, posters and flyers should be sent exclusively via courier, separately from the print, to the following address:

Via Aldo Moro 4
84095 Giffoni Valle Piana (SA)
Salerno – Italy

Note: In order to promote the film in competition, it is essential that the production company give their authorisation for a maximum of 2’ (max. 30” for short films) of scenes taken from the film to be broadcast on National and International television.


3.4 Shipments. Any copies (both feature films and short films) for the official screening must be sent exclusively via courier service to the same address (see above) and the prints must arrive in the Festival’s office no later than the 10th July 2015.

All shipments from NON-EU MEMBER STATES must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice indicating for customs purposes only, a value of no more than $10USD for feature films and $5USD for short films and indicate clearly in writing the following “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY”. At the same time the sender must ensure that an e-mail containing the title of the film, the number of packages, the date and coordinates of the shipment (AWB number) is received in the Office of the Festival’s Artistic Secretary.
All the films in competition will be screened in original language with the addition of electronic subtitles (with the exception of the Elements +3 and Elements +6 sections, for whicha voice-over system will be adopted).
The prints must be subtitled in English if they come from non-Anglophone countries.
The official copy must be identical to the DVD copy submitted for pre-selection.
In the case of DCPs please consider the time needed to carry out tests and upload it. The copy must arrive within July 10. In the case of encrypted DCPs, a valid KDM must be sent for the following time frame: July 13 – July 26 2015.
Any file for the official screenings can be sent to (feature films) or (short films) by July 10.


The GFF foresees no cost for admission to the pre-selection.

Shipment costs for films in pre-selection are to be covered by the participants
All shipment expenses for the films selected for competition, as well as those incurred for their return to their country of origin, will be covered by the GFF. In case the copy of the films is shipped from/to another Festival, we shall cover the cost of only one track.
Travel Insurance. The expedition of the prints to and from Giffoni is to be covered by participants. The Festival takes care of insurance for the period of the goods’ stay in Giffoni. The insurance value will not be higher than the cost of re-printing a copy according to the going rate in Italy.
Producers and distributors of the winning films are kindly asked to hand a copy of the title either on 35mm or Digital format to the Festival, in order to keep it at the Festival Archive. The copy will not be used for any commercial purposes.


TRAVELLING EXPENSES. The Giffoni Film Festival will cover the cost of economy class flight tickets exclusively for the Directors of the feature films in competition.

Hospitality (B/B and dinners) is foreseen for the Directors and for a representative of the production/distribution company of each feature film in all the competitive sections (the hospitality goes from the day before the screening to the day after the Award Ceremony).

Hospitality (B/B and dinners) for a maximum of 3 nights is foreseen for the Directors of the short films in all the competitive sections.
N.B. The Production and Distribution Companies of the films selected are invited to support the participation of their films at the GFF by sustaining the attendance of the leading actors from their films to whom we will be happy to offer accommodation to (B/B and dinners).


Entrance into one of the GFF’s competitive sections entails unconditional acceptance of the Festival’s regulations. It is strictly the producers, distributors or any other subjects’ responsibility to guarantee that they are authorized to submit the films at GFF.
This list of regulations has been drawn up in both the Italian and English languages. If problems of interpretation should arise the version in Italian will prevail.
The management of the GFF is allowed to take decisions that are not foreseen in the above regulations and to change the regulations in special cases.
The Court of Salerno is regarded as the competent authority for all eventual controversy.


The Artistic Direction’s guidelines for the film selection of the official sections in 9 points

– Youth Films  is not a cinema genre, it is rather a sort of trans-genre that embraces all the other ones. There are comic films, dramas, thrillers, westerns (and so on) “suitable” for  youth.

– A youth film is not a film suitable “solely” for youth. On the contrary a good film that speaks to young people is also recommended for adults as it unveils the psychological and socio-anthropological mechanisms of  the adolescent world that are not always easily attainable in everyday life.

-Giffoni Experience chooses films not necessarily made for youth, but that according to the Artistic Direction “must” be seen by youth. Therefore the selection criteria is audience oriented and  does not  follow  what we might define as the producers’ intention.

– Films selected by Giffoni Experience follow the criterion of homogeneity. i.e. we are very careful  selecting films according to the age of the people the film is addressed to. To better support this  fundamental criterion, over the years we have created a growing number of  film sections suitable for different age  groups.

– Along with the “homogeneity” criterion we have adopted other criteria strictly connected to it such as:  “Same age rule”. i.e.: In each film section the protagonist or protagonists of the films are usually the same age of the audience. E.g. the leading player of a  GENERATOR +13 film will be 13 or 15 years old. The origin of this idea is that youth usually identify better with the point of you of their peers and are more capable of easily deciphering (as they usually share them): signs, meanings, values, situations feelings language codes and the trends of the story. This interpretation process helps the young spectator to shed light on never experienced before and new aspects of their personalities and of the surrounding world.

The  “same age rule” is not so strict and there are indeed a large number of exceptions to the rule as sometimes the protagonist’s age is for an older audience’s story or more culturally complex. So at times a 9 year old leading player might find himself involved in a narrative context more suitable for an older audience than for young people who are as old as him/her.

– A GFF film must never upset or trouble the audience’s sensitivity to whom it is aimed at, though it might be a film full of  issues and provocative  in the sense it becomes source for debates and discussions about delicate issues and provocation the opportunity to question one’s beliefs and or prejudices. In this sense a GFF film must stimulate thought and discussions without forgetting the emotional and spectacular side of it all.

– As for its film themes Giffoni Experince has always dared. Over the years the GFF has always had the audacity to dare and question the uncertain borders of youth films territory, going past cultural ones suggesting new view points about what a teen ager may, or better, must see. Euthanasia, sexual discovery, family drama, coming to terms with death, the unbearable weight of diversity are only some amongst the issues of the films that have marked various editions of the festival and that have been given way rather than complacent and easier stories. GFF youth films are films for aware youth.

-The GFF does not worry about making a geo-politically correct film list. Though it goes through, practically the whole world youth film production it does not worry about geo-diversity but is more concerned about quality. The focus is on films with a high aesthetic and theme value for its audience. The fact that audience might be over exposed to films from one continent rather than from another one highlights this idea as well as representing an important way to better understand how the various national productions consider their own youth.



Giffoni Experience will offer the opportunity to the accreditated professionals and to the productions that submitted their film to the festival: the Giffoni Youth Media Market will be a space where the submitted films (with English subtitles) will be provided to participants (buyers, salesagents, festival programmers and distribuitors) for private screening.

Giffoni is proud to offer its know-how aimed at promoting films made for children and youth.

The main tool of the market will be the Video Library, open to all the accredited people who will register for its use supported by an online catalogue.

No fee is required for the submssion of your film. The market will be held in the beautiful old Antica Ramiera.