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On the first day of the festival, a group of scouts will host educational games and workshops. Throughout these games, the children will get to know each other and get to gather in order to naturally form groups and teams that will function in the next days.

2. COMIC-BOOK WORKSHOP (What’s your favorite character?)

This is a comic-book workshop where the student will learn about the basic of the comic-book technique, which is also the base for creating storyboards in films. The students will work together to develop characters and storyline. Everyone will get the assignment to illustrate a part of the comic that will be presented as a final work from the workshop.


In this recycling workshop, the children will be interactively acquainted with the process of recycling of plastic and its effect on the environment. As the electronic waste increases so does the need and the opportunity for creative disposal. The students will learn how to create chairs, PC tables and ornaments from small electronic waste such as CDs and DVDs.

4. DANCE THEATRE (Jungle steps)

This is a workshop were the students will learn how to channel a story through a scene dance. Many different exercises will be taught, such as:  body movement exercises, imitation and mimicry games, expressing emotion through movement etc. During the course the students will think of and choose characters and will practice a theatre act. On the closing day, the group will perform the play.


This is origami workshop where the students will learn the art form of origami. During the four days, the students will learn the history of origami, as well as techniques for creating different forms. On the closing day an exhibit will be organized so the students may present their work.


Free education means educational resources available to all children and grownups. On this workshop the students will learn of educational policies through creating art work. These art works which will be of education character, will be presented on a web site to be downloaded as free educational resources.


This is Brazilian martial art that implements dance, acrobatics and music in one. Combining different exotic movements and jumps, this dance is not only fun to play, but also attractive to watch. The students will learn movements that will be combined in a dance that will be presented on the closing ceremony.




With the development of the technology, the possibility for shooting short films and videos is everyone’s hand. The rise of this film form and associated film festivals is evident proof for the trend. This three-day workshop will focus on this form and the possibilities it offers. The students, working in small groups, will learn about the about the basics of dramaturgic structure and framing, as well as the process for creating these screenplays and their alternatives. The groups will be encouraged to explore short stories in the surrounding space in order to shoot previously approved idea. Using everyday tools and programs, every group will shoot and edit their short film under the supervision of the team leading the workshop. The films will be screened on the closing ceremony.

9. GAME ZONE (Workshop for creating video games organized by TESERAKT)

The goal of this workshop is to teach the students of the development of a video game. After the short introduction and history, the basic steps will be explained regarding video game development, concept development and final creation. The students will learn of Unity 3D platform that will be used for creating a video game in the following days. During the workshop, the students will create and modify different textures that will be used for developing one level of a simple video game. This video game will be presented and tested by guests during the final day of the festival.


The tango workshop aims to combine the festival theme – STEPS, with different segments of the art world. It is planned to go on in three sessions. The first day will be focused on the history of tango and introduction to its aesthetic, through presentation of film scenes where the tango is present almost as a protagonist. On the other sessions, the basic elements will be learned and the students will work on choreography from a film scene. On the closing ceremony the students will present the choreography.


The goal of this workshop is to teach the students of the basic technical and aesthetical parameters of the photography. The focus will be given on art photography. During the three days, the students will learn about the elements of design and composition, as well as themes that will be interesting to research through this medium. One of the days, the groups will have a field work in order to discover Skopje and connect the locations with the previously discussed themes. On the closing day, there will be exhibition of the photographs.


This workshop will explore the technique of shadow theatre that developed all over the world throughout the history. The students will learn of the history and the techniques to make different figures. These techniques will be used to create all the necessary elements to tell a story using shadow theatre. The play will be presented during the closing ceremony.

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