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Tamara Grozdanova, Giffoni Experience, Italy, July 2013:

Giffoni is not only a film festival, but as the name sugests it’s an experience. You enter Giffoni as a child and you leave as a mature adult, enriched with freindships, knowledge, experience and most important of all-memories.
Memories of the timebwe spent maturing, growing, learning and finding ways to stay FOREVER YOUNG.

Vera Pacoova del Maschio, Giffoni Experience, Italy, July 2013

I don’t really know where to start from when talking about Giffoni, and I’d probably sound repetitive if I said “Giffoni is amazing”. But it is! It’s hard to explain; probably because it’s hard – if not impossible – to find words magnificent enough to describe it, or because there’s nothing it can be compared to. However, I’ll do my best…

When I was first told about Giffoni EXPERIENCE, I was immediately interested in it. Well, who wouldn’t be? Spending 10 days in Italy meeting celebrities doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Throughout the whole application and selection process, ex jurors would encourage us by remembering and describing their experiences. Now, I don’t want to blame anyone, as I previously said myself “it’s hard to explain”, but I must admit that the stories and comments I had heard were not even close to the real Giffoni EXPERIENCE. I don’t want to narrate what happened during my stay there, I just want to make sure that people understand that Giffoni is much more than a fun film festival, it’s more than just meeting celebrities! Giffoni is about meeting new people, learning and discovering new things; it’s about coming to love new cultures and ignoring all prejudices and stereotypes. It’s about exploring international themes and hearing different, culture-influenced opinions about them. It’s about expressing yourself and openly sharing your thoughts. It’s also about knowing how to differentiate between the right time to be mature (discussions) and the right time to have fun (night parties) – even though one does not always oppose the other. Additionally, it’s about being yourself around people you’ve just met and growing with them. It’s about that combined feeling of panic and excitement when you first see your host, the love that develops among you and, unfortunately, the sadness that strikes you once you have to say goodbye. It’s about the enthusiastic wait before the festival, and the grief once it ends. But most importantly, of all festivals, Giffoni is simply the most necessary one.


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