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Youth’s like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever.

This is what Alphaville used to sing in their beautiful song FOREVER YOUNG.

Forever Young.  A good omen filled with optimism. A dreamer’s hope. A vigorous promise. A fire crafted will. Forever young is all of the above and is also the main theme we chose for the 43rd edition of the Giffoni Experience.

It will indeed be the significant frame for our 2013 activities and the backbone of the new edition scheduled on July 19 – 28.

What does being Forever Young mean? What is the reason behind this choice?

Forever young, as we were saying, can have several meanings. First of all it is a statement for our way of understanding the Giffoni experience. 43 years of life dedicated to the world of youth and children is an extremely long time. We have achieved a clear maturity but this does not make us an immovable monument feeling the weight of decades on its arthritic shoulders. We are young and we want to stay that way. Through constant change, through a continuous dialogue with the new generations, through a renewed attraction for discovery which year after year has brought us to walk new paths without ever resting on our laurels.

Forever young because – as the Spanish writer Mateo Alemàn once said – youth is not a season of life, but a state of the mind. And we are eager to listen to the numerous voices of this state of the mind and spirit, investigating it together with our audiences, through our films and with the help of our Talent.

Forever young is an invitation to dream which is the best way to face this moment in time, the nightmare of a crisis and a society, such as the Italian one for instance, which seems to want to turn to dust any of the youth’s opportunities.

Forever young is opening to everybody. To anyone who wants to feel alive, no matter their age. Being young is a sacred right of every human being and it does not matter what age you decide you want to be “young”.

Forever young has a political value. We wish to talk, through this theme, also about Europe, sometimes limited by its old continent label. A continent that for better or for worse has surely morphed the world, but sometimes has shown through its cracks the difficulty to remain young. Our theme is a good wish to get back on track with a renovated spirit and with the hair flying in the wind.  There are many opportunities.

So let’s all sing together… Forever young.