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In 2013 the Macedonian Film Agency for the first time brings the brand “Giffoni”  in Macedonia, thus strengthening the partnership with the Republic of Italy in the fields of culture and film art,

On May 30, 2013 the Macedonian Film Agency and the largest film festival for children “Giffoni Experience” signed an agreement over a period of three years (2013 to 2015) defining the mutual cooperation and the activities to be undertaken during the arranged period, as necessary and essential to the promotion of the film industry through a series of events, activities and initiatives.

“Giffoni Film Festival” was established as an international film festival for children and with its 45-year old tradition is a unique brand of Italy and the Italian culture, as an event of global importance in the promotion of film production for children and youth.

A promotional event – ‘Giffoni Day’ took place on May 27, 2013 in Skopje, with the primary purpose of introducing Macedonian audiences and youth with the concept of the cultural product Giffoni and the accompanying procedures and activities in preparation for the first ever Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival.

The Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” launched its first edition in October, 2013 in organization of the Macedonian Film Agency and the Association for Spreading Film Culture “Giffoni M”.

The successful realization of the festival over the past two years has considerably contributed to raising the awareness of film art among children and youth and shaped their perceptions of culture and art in general, by creating new opportunities for cultural interaction of young people from around the globe and influencing the development of their creativity and innovation.

Join us in this successful journey!