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5th edition of „Giffoni Macedonia“- „Into the magic world of cinema“


Juniors – Cinematheque of Macedonia

 Imagine You Were an Actor

 The goal of this workshop is to allow its participants to discover their talent by stimulating their imagination and encouraging their creativity. This is a theatre workshop focused on the beauty of art, theatre and team work…



Music School „Pianoforte“ designs this workshop in order to introduce its participants with various music instruments and the secrets of the creation and exploitation of music.


Dance Workshop

Dance is appealing and fun and is part of many films, plays and ballet performances, you also dance at home when you’re happy, don’t you? This workshops delves into the secrets of its magic which captivates dancers and audiences alike.


Handmade crafts

The workshop on handmade crafts focuses on the creation of decorations commonly known as “magnets” which will allow participants to put their imaginations to use…



Cadets, Seniors Youth Cultural Centre (MKC)

Script Workshop

Introduction into the techniques of creative writing, from idea to a script for a short film. The workshop is expected to produce interesting scripts on various subjects.



The participants in this workshop will get the chance to take part in the recording and editing of a video with different music themes all around the Youth Cultural Centre by creating their own choreography and movements.


One Minute Films

A workshop which focuses on the creation of one minute films. An exciting journey into the world of reality and imagination.



The workshop focuses on the importance, influence and role of clothes i.e. costumes in fashion, theatre and film industries. Its impact on the creation of personalities and characters, character definition by the right hair and make-up and the creation of your own signature.



A workshop which introduces the basics of make-up. Will you use your make-up skills on your friends and family afterwards?



A workshops which will bring forward different animation techniques. The participants will get to use simple applications and their imagination to create short animation films.



Photography hides many secrets and this workshops will uncover the creative secrets of its creation.