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Film represents a medium for bringing people together, a unique experience which gives the opportunity for people to express their ideas, forge friendships and contribute to positive changes, a universal form of cultural expression which enables the sharing of experiences, creativity and knowledge.





In 2013 the Macedonian Film Agency for the first time brings the brand “Giffoni”  in Macedonia, thus strengthening the partnership with the Republic of Italy in the fields of culture and film art.

On May 30, 2013 the Macedonian Film Agency and Giffoni Experience sign an agreement  enabling the Republic of Macedonia to organize a film festival for youth and series of accompanying activities and events under the Giffoni brand.

The successful realization of the festival over the past two years has considerably contributed to raising the awareness of film art and the level of informal education of children and shaped their perceptions of culture and art in general by creating new opportunities for cultural interaction of young people from around the globe and influencing the development of their creativity and innovation.

None of this would have been possible without the active participation of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia, the active involvement of the Italian Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia as well as the generous support and participation of the sponsors or so –called “Giffoni friends”.

Join us in this successful journey!