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16+ Jurors

Each and every young adult wants to travel around the world. Those voyages are worth having, worth living, worth seizing but the most important thing about them is that you get the opportunity to make great memories and have great adventures.


One of those memory making-world seeing-day seizing journeys is definitely the Giffoni Experience. We had the amazing opportunity to embrace this experience in the past few days, and now when it is over we proudly stand and declare that it was one of the best experiences in our lives. We didn`t literally travel around the world, but the world arrived in one place-Giffoni and we got the first row sits in meeting and greeting new cultures and people. I would definitely have to say that  this experience gave us the opportunity to be a part of one big happy film loving global family, just a small piece of the Giffoni puzzle ,  so somewhere at midsummer great memories were made and here, on the next pages as reminders of the great times we had, they proudly  stand.


Special Jurors

Giffoni Film Festival kicked off with great vibes all over again. From the beginning we feel that remarkable and well-known energy of our reunion. Our excitement was rising as we were meeting our friends from last year and recollecting the memories that we left here last year. Every day the temperature was rising rapidly during our trip from Salerno to Giffoni, but also was our thrill for the films in competition and the meetings with the stars.

Giffoni means intercultural fun! During these days we had fantastic opportunities to meet so many different people and identities, to share opinions and represent our country. We must stress the Macedonian day when we were so excited to present our culture in the best way. Also we were all eager to share our experience and spirit from Giffoni.  Every activity revealed the spirit of the jurors: definitely a community of critical thinkers. More than everything we had extraordinary opportunity to meet so many actors as Orlando Bloom, Mark Ruffalo, Martin Freeman and hear their comments and experience. The cinema was always full of emotions. During the nights we went on various parties and activities with fun music and dancing in the park until we met again with our hosts to go home.

11058565_865250743561348_8306555903254318726_oIn the end, in front of the buses we said our last goodbyes and separated with sadness, but also a wish to see each other again in a place as beautiful as Giffoni and share more moments. Not only do we wish, but we know that these friendships are going to stay in our hearts forever and Giffoni will always be a place we come back to.




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