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My name is Julia Ann and I am twelve years old. I was born in Speyer (Germany) on 31 October 2002. My younger brother’s name is David and he is nine years old. I am presently a 7th-grade middle school student at NOVA International School. My parents are from different countries, my father is from the United States of America, my mother is from Macedonia. Mostly, I was raised here but I lived in Germany and Kuwait as well, which allowed me to see and experience a different culture. I speak three languages, Macedonian and English thanks to my parents and to my school. Spanish is my third language which I learned at school and in a private language school, Casta Diva, as well as by attending a language summer camp in Spain. I’m taking guitar lessons and I also love participating in school sports and tournaments organized by CEESA, of which my school is a member. I’m a young person who has high expectations for myself in everything I do and even though I sometimes make mistakes, I try to learn something from each one. I have a positive attitude and love living life as much as I can. My integrity and character are important to me and I try to protect them as much as possible. Every new experience in my life, good or bad, helps me grow into the person I will be as an adult. I’m a big fan of a good movie and I enjoy watching all of the genres excluding horror and action that tends to be scary. My favorite genre is comedy. I love to go to the cinema with my friends or family and watch a movie. It is a pleasure watching a movie at home with my family, who are also big fans of а good film.
Здраво, I’m Petar and I’m 14. I go to “Dimo Hadzi Dimov” primary school. I have a brother, Stefan, he is ten.
I like to be active and exercise.
I like Hollywood movies because they are full of action and stress and they make me feel as if I’m in the movie, too. Normally I watch movies in the cinema with my friends, not at home becouse it is not the same feeling!

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