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    Who we are

    Image result for Macedonia part of Giffoni Experience

    Giffoni Macedonia part of the most important cultural event for young people in the world Giffoni Experience


    The festival that originally started in Italy, comes to Macedonia as a result of the wonderful energy and enthusiasm that Macedonian kids brought with themselves throughout the years in Giffoni Experience, Italy.

    New Festival is born

    The Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” was created as an initiative of Claudio Gubitosi, Aristic director & GFF creator and Darko Basheski, director of Macedonian Film Agency who gave the trust to the Djifoni M – Association for promotion the film culture for the organization of all activities under the Giffoni Brand on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. From the very beginning of the implementation of this festival, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia and the Italian Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia have given their continuous support  and active involvement for the purpose of ensuring a successful realization of the festival and the other accompanying activities which are integral part of  Giffoni.

    Giffoni Macedonia primary goals:

    • Contributes to the growth and social development of the young generations

    • Actively unites the young audiences in a unique driving force – an international jury, tasked with evaluating the films in competition

    • Enables the children to enrich their knowledge of  European stories, countries, nationalities, cultures and societies through film

    • Expands the experience and education of children and youth through active participation in educational platforms within the festival

    • Encourages multicultural communication among  children


    Pillars of the festival:

    • jury made up of young people

    • cultural product which itself combines film program and educational platform (workshops, master classes etc)

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