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Each year the small movie-loving town of Giffoni becomes home to the largest international kids film festival in the world, welcoming over 3000 young people from around the world. Giffoni is located near Salerno and the enchanting Amalfi coast.

Giffoni, once again, will welcome kids from over forty-five Countries to watch and engage in the filmmaking process.

Giffoni allows youth from all over the world to share and express their ideas and views. It also provides them the amazing opportunity to interact with their peers from all the different angles of the globe.

The international jurors together with their Italian peers will share ideas although the films, they will be watching, will not necessarily be connected to the theme.

All the jurors share the same passion for cinema and a good knowledge of English or Italian. The international jurors are hosted by local families which enables them to really get in touch with the very welcoming Southern Italian culture.

The jurors throughout the years have helped Giffoni mould into a multicultural event where young people have the chance to make themselves heard and colour the streets of the festival with joy and enthusiasm, as Giffoni for youth is a great party with a task.

Generator +13 and Generator +16 are the two international juries.




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