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Emotions, impressions, unrepeatable moments, true friendships, different films, new culture, extraordinary experience… Briefly, that Giffoni Macedonia represents for the Italian jury of the first edition of our festival. We are more than satisfied that part of them is coming back to be part of the staff this year and to share their previous energy.

                                                                                           FEDERICA CRISPINO

7537_10202902311348308_92067470_nWhen I arrtived to Macedonia, I didn’t believe that I would leave my heart there. When the airplane landed I was quite scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen but then I received the best welcome in my life. The staff was very friendly to me and always available to help me anytime and, what everyday makes me happier and happier is the fact that I’m still in touch with some of them. About the festival, I’m glad to say that the staff did the best to make this experience as unforgettable and comfortable as possible. They offered a lot of possibilities to improve our knowledge in fields like dancing or video games, but the most interesting activity was the “translation laboratory”: In this occasion, we met a Macedonian poet and, in cooperation with the Macedonian students from the Faculty of Philology, the Italian department, we made a translations of some of his poems. On the last evening, we read our texts in public. It was also interesting the journey among Macedonian food and tastes. To sum up, I suggest to everybody to go to Macedonia: it’s a country full of surprises!


Days of pure fun, days of frenzy that I will remember for all my life. Gff Macedonia is something of inexplicable, an original and beautiful extension of the Giffoni film festival that made me feel like in a dream, a dream that lasted more than a week. I can’t find the true word to explain what this experience left me, and what it means for me. An opportunity as rear as marvelous! Thank you Macedonia, and thank you all for everything! I hope to feel again emotions like that ones that you gave me.

Giffoni Macedonia Experience was truly amazing. Macedonian people are friendly, they make you feel part of a family. Every time they organize something (like concerts, debates or anything!) they do with care and love. Sure, the festival isn’t yet as big as the Italian one, and there are not VIP guests, but somehow that makes the atmosphere even warmer! It made me look forward for a way to get back there, and I really could not stop telling people how great Giffoni Macedonia is!

I’m Giuseppe Mariconda and last year I participated to the 1st edition of the Giffoni film festival in Macedonia. So, my experience in Skopje was absolutely exciting and amazing. I’ve luckily met wonderful and sweet people, I’ve appreciated the beauty of the capital that is huge and full of culture (just think about the historical events of Alexander The Great and then the Ottoman Empire), I’ve tried every kind of particular and traditional food. Then it was nice spending time during the evening around the city: there was every time something to do and to see. To summarize all this paragraph to let you know what I’ve really felt living this experience in Skopje I could use just one sentence: when I came back home, I cried thinking of that unrepeatable experience but luckily this year for the 2nd time I will go to Skopje for 2nd edition of the festival!

There are less than 30 days and I’m already excited!!!
Everyone is excited! Less than one month remains so Giffoni Macedonia is back on! Let’s CROSS our ROADS!!!

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