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Difference means richness, it is the power of change though an anomalous element, which sets itself apart from what is perceived as normal and changes our vision of the world.

Difference is what makes something beautiful, the ability to tiptoe above the crowd. Difference is the substance that composes our being and the strength behind our evolution. We invite you  to  Be different,  because being different  is the only way to change the world around you, to create, to pursue your tomorrow and make it your own, to look for your path without any fear to be perceived as outrageous or a monstrum, the object of wonder and bewilderment, the essence of what is great, wonderful and scary for its difference.

There is no greatness without difference. Genius is different and for such reason difference needs to go through life with pain. But it is indeed through difference that we learn about the gift of art, strength and creation. Being different is a burden that each and every youth carries within. If being like others is comforting because belonging to a group, a family a society where everyone is the same is comforting, diffrenece is perceived as a problem, a limit, a punishment whereas, it is the opposite, an infinite potential of reinvention. What is youth if not the power of being whatever you wish? And  don’t you think that the biggest difference is still holding your future in your hands? “

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