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The moment we were all waiting to see-the final performance for the closing of the GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL MACEDONIA. The excitement is obvious in MKC and in Kinoteka. In Kinoteka, great presentations and performances from the Kapuera, Dancing theatre and Music workshops. The final products of the Comic, Origami and Recycling workshops can be seen in the lobby. In MKC, a little later, many guests arrive to see: Photography exposition in the lobby as well as video games, short 1-minute movies, two short plays from the Shadow Theatre workshop and the dance moves from the participants in the Tango workshop. It’s amazing to see how much can be done in only 3-4 days! After that, an Eye Cue concert, to finish this wonderful, dreamy experience. Farewell till the next year!!!

Gallery from Kinoteka

Gallery from MKC

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