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4th edition STORYVERSE

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CADETS & SENIORS (High schools)


1. Auteur Theory Film – From Idea to Premiere

The participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to delve into the secrets of film art, getting to know in great detail the basics of frame, lens, film plan, camera movement, sound, color. Through a series of examples, the participants, divided in groups, will make characterization of characters, at the same time, from idea through synopsis, producing a movie script.

2. FILM 101 – One Minute Films

This workshop focuses on the creation of one minute films, the building of a story with all of its nuances (shades), and the utilization of basic elements. Through popular excerpts from movie scenes, the participants will become familiar with the process and the manner of creating a short film. They will also have online resources available, which would only pave the way to achieving their envisioned goal –film production.

3. Sci-Fi Zone

Science fiction as a genre always seems to offer new dimensions that provoke our imagination. The participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to be introduced with some of the basic sci-fi tropes and how they are manifested on the film screen and in television series. The basic issues that will be addressed refer to the harmonization of the idea that we want to accomplish, and the film language through which we would accomplish it. Through their own stories and ideas, the participants are going to shoot a short film with science fiction features as their main task.

 4. Photo Story

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the young participants with the technical and aesthetical elements of photography as art, and, among other things, to cover the process of creating a quality photograph with all the necessary details. Through a series of specific examples, the participants will have to prepare their own photographs that would reflect their own original story located in an imaginary universe bearing the title STORYVERSE.

5. One-Take Film

What is the easiest way to record a film in a single shot – undoubtedly an extremely difficult task in itself – what are the aspects that require special attention, and how do you paint your ideas with just one try? In this workshop, which is delivered in collaboration with the Four River Film Festival from Karlovac, Croatia, you will be given specific and accurate answers to all of these questions.

6. Documentary Film

The documentary film as a genre is always edifying and interesting. Through it one can present historical events, but some pretty realistic and scientific stories as well. The goal of this workshop is to present to the participants the composite elements of a documentary, its display, and the necessary factors for its successful realization. This workshop is delivered in collaboration with the Four River Film Festival from Croatia.


JUNIORS (Middle schools)


1. Pocket Gallery

This workshop especially encourages the creative side of the participants, who will need to create their own Giffoni universe. The participants, in the role of craftsmen, will be presented with woodworking techniques, and with the help from their mentors they are going to create a colorful wooden frame for a photograph that would depict their favorite Giffoni memory.

2. Choreodrama

The workshop titled “The Little Prince’s Universe” will display the motifs of the story “The Little Prince” by merging theatre and dance. The primary goal of this workshop is introduce the choreodrama genre to the participants through practical implementation. Through dance and acting, the participants will learn more about these two arts and how they are combined to produce a single theatrical work of art, while developing their creativity through verbal and non-verbal expression.

3. Animation

The animation workshop will bring forward to the young participants this genre with a showpiece of different styles and techniques, at the same time introducing them with the basic elements and the role of animation in video games. The participants will be presented with video games that will help them create the final product later on, and that product will consist of writing the script, creating illustrative presentation and implementation of key characters in film animation.

4. Comic Strip

Through creative and educational approach, the comic strip workshop will introduce to the participants the basic techniques of creating a comic strip, which, among other things, serves as the basis for the creation of illustrations in a film. The participants will work together in building and developing a character and a script. Each one will be given the assignment to draw a separate section of the comic strip, which would be the final product of this workshop.


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