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Third edition October 7-11





1. ONE-MINUTE FILMS  (open lecture)

The one-minute films are a specific form of the short film. This workshop introduces the participants with the basics of the one-minute format and the possibilities it offers. Getting familiar with several narrative structures that fit nicely in this format, the participants will be directed toward an independent work on their own one-minute films.

2. SCREENPLAY (participants 20 max)

The screenplay workshop reveals the secrets of the basic elements required to build the drama in a single scene. Working in groups, the participants will develop entire scene sets based on partly pre-developed characters, locations or props and their modifications.

3. HORROR FILM (participants – 15 max)

The adrenalin rush gives pleasure even from the scariest movies. The fascination with the unknown, with what scares us, has always been present in the stories humans have told. On this workshop we will focus on the main elements of the horror stories and the key to a good horror film – the main villain. This workshop in collaboration with the Film Make-up workshop will craft the best ideas for masks and use them to shoot a short film.

4. PHOTODREAMING (participants – 30 max)

This workshop introduces the participants in the technical and aesthetical elements of photography as art. By establishing the definition of the different terms, the participants will be able to successfully shot their own photographs that will illustrate or give away a feeling of dreaminess.

5. SPECIAL EFFECTS (participants – 20 max)

The special video effects are everyday sight on our screens. The production of these effects has always been an interesting process which combined knowledge of technology, creativity and a sense for visual esthetics. This workshop will reveal the process of implementation of one of the most used special effects, the chroma key.

6. FILM CRITICISM (participants – 15 max )

The film art is the most complex art humanity has created so far. It contains elements of all other arts, but it also has something original. The film criticism addresses the aspects that move the story forward and represents important part of the film industry. On this workshop, the participants will gain skills for successful and arguable analyzes of the films they watch.


7. GRAPHIC DESIGN (participants – 10 max )

Become familiar with the overall process of creating posters and similar visual materials. The workshop for graphic design gives opportunity for anyone willing to develop his or hers digital design techniques to do so. Through detailed introduction of the software used in this creative industry, the participants will trained to create posters on given subject. Knowledge of digital design or drawing software is welcomed, but not necessary.


8. TANGO (participants – 30 max )

The passion of the soul is always visible in the tango. This workshop introduces the participants to the sensual world of this dance. Learn part of the history and practice the basic steps. This workshop will create a dance choreography that will be presented on the closing ceremony at the end of the festival.


***The first 2 workshops are lessons ONLY for the first day, while the others workshops are for the whole festival. 

***Submit your application at
**Be fast as usual, every workshop has limited number of participants.
*All the hosts of international jury have advantage!!!


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