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Macedonian participants at Giffoni Experience – Italy


12 young people from Macedonia aged 13-18 will join the Macedonian delegation and take part at the 45th edition of the Giffoni Experience Film Festival, running July 17-26 in Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy:

Matej Stanojevik 13+ Georgi Dimitrov
Anastasija Milkovska 16+ Rade Jovceski Korcagin
Teodora Angelevska 16+ Nova International Schools
Ana Tatabitovska 13+ Nova International Schools
Isidora Cvetkovska 16+ Orce Nikolov
Anja Dimova 16+ Nova International Schools
Leon Ristov 16+ Orce Nikolov
Vera Pacoova dal Maskio 16+ Nova International Schools
Ardit Bina 16+ Josip Broz Tito
Goran Poposki 13+ Kliment Ohridski Prilep
Angela Dimeska 16+ Nova International Schools
Evgenija Stankovska 13+ Nikola Karev




As every year, they will get the opportunity to meet and greet a number of international and local film stars among whom: Mark Ruffalo, Tom Felton, Martin Freeman or better known as the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, one of the greatest contemporary names of the Italian literature Alessandro Barico and one of the greatest Hollywood actors Orlando Bloom.


“Macedonia in Focus at Giffoni Experience Italy”


Within its scope of activities the festival Giffoni Experience on July 22 will also host a day dedicated to the Republic of Macedonia, which will be attended a delegation of 12 young people from Macedonia, representatives from the Macedonian Film Agency and the Association for Spreading Film Culture Djiffoni-M, and the Macedonian Minister of culture, Mrs. Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska.

The Macedonian Day will be filled with many activities including a Revue of Macedonian short films supported by the Macedonian Film Agency, a party at Hollywood Park for the young people taking part at the festival supported by the sponsor Kapri-Mak Invest and a Macedonian evening presenting the Macedonian cinematography and Macedonia as a filming destination through promotional brochures, catalogues etc. where the guests will get to also taste traditional Macedonian products such as wine, cheese, ajvar and malizzano, courtesy of Tikvesh Winery and Mama’s.


“Youth Media Summit”


Giffoni Experience in partnership with the Doha Film Institute will host a two day Youth Media Summit dedicated to young people and new media (July 21-23). Representatives from the Macedonian Film Agency will join delegates coming from around 20 international institutions and organizations, brought together to discuss the importance of creating an international network and to exchange views on  furthering the promotion of cultural events with a great significance for the young generations with a focus on new media and social networks,  encouraging the production of audiovisual, creative and artistic products as well as the creation of a mutual strategy for dealing with the creative challenges of the post digital age. The last day of the summit is reserved for the representatives of the network who will be expected to offer a presentation on new ideas that could lead to future cooperation on joint projects among the member countries which would be developed over the period that follows.

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