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Interview with INVISIBLE BOY director

Italian director Gabriele Salvatores talks about his film THE INVISIBLE BOY, that he wanted to make a film about a 13-year-old European superhero and how he wanted to be invisible as a teenager (particularly for the girls). Gabriele learned filmmaking by simply making films and he still enjoys working with amateurs.


Born in 1950 in Naples, Gabriele Salvatores graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Piccolo Theatre in Milan. He was one of the founders, in 1972, of the Tetro dell’Elfo which within a few years became an important reference for a whole generation of young spectators. In 1986, together with Maurizio Totti and Diego Abatantuono, Gabriele founded Colorado Film Production and among his first films were MARRAKECH EXPRESS (1989), EFA-nominated TURNÉ (1990), and MEDITERRANEO (1991), Oscar winner for best foreign film. These were followed by numerous other films, including PUERTO ESCONDITO (1992), NIRVANA (1997), TEETH (2000), I’M NOT AFRAID (2003), EFA-nominated for its cinematography and winner of two Italian David di Donatello awards, and SIBERIAN EDUCATION (2013).

In 2010, Gabriele Salvatores was part of the jury of the 67th Venice Film Festival, chaired by Quentin Tarantino.


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