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The city of Skopje for the first time this year joins the European family of cities participating in the presentation of the EFA Young Audience Award, an official category of the European Film Award, organized by the European Film Academy.

The award will be presented at a ceremony within the framework of the Young Audience Film Day on Sunday, 3 May, 2015.

Three nominated films will be simultaneously screened in 26 different cities across Europe to a 12-14-year-old audience acting as jurors.  At the end of the Young Audience Film Day the young audience elects their favorite and then transmits the votes of their city to EFA.  The result is announced at the end of the Young Audience Film Day via a live stream, in a ceremony taking place in Erfurt, Germany.

The program and activities in Skopje are organized by the Macedonian Film Agency in cooperation with Giffoni Experience – Italy, Giffoni Macedonia.

None of this would be possible without the support by the sponsors Chupa Chups and Kapri.
Among these year’s participating cities are:
•    Aalborg/Denmark,
•    Amsterdam/Netherlands,
•    Athens/Greece,
•    Barcelona/Spain,
•    Belgrade/Serbia,
•    Bratislava/Slovakia,
•    Budapest/Hungary,
•    Cluj-Napoca/Romania,
•    Erfurt/Germany,
•    Istanbul/Turkey,
•    Izola/Slovenia,
•    Kiev/Ukraine,
•    London/UK,
•    Podgorica/Montenegro,
•    Prizren/Kosovo,
•    Riga/Latvia,
•    Sofia/Bulgaria,
•    Tallinn/Estonia,
•    Malmo/Sweden,
•    Tbilisi/Georgia,
•    Tel Aviv/Israel,
•    Turin/Italy,
•    Valletta/Malta,
•    Wroclaw/Poland,
•    Zagreb/Croatia.

For more information about the project please visit the official web site of the Academy: http:/yaa.europeanfilmawards.eu


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