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    Monthly Archives May 2015

    Application form for Four Rivers Film Festival-Croatia

    Giffoni Macedonia never stops!!!

    If you are really into film-making, directing, traveling, meeting new friends all around the world and so many other things then you only need to submit this application. Call for participation on the well-known Four River Film Festival in Croatia this June!

    Hurry up – the call is open till the 27th of May!



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    Macedonia at the 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival

    Macedonian Film Agency is for the sixth time attending the Marche du Film, within the regional pavilion of South-Eastern Europe (SEE Pavilion) No.132 at this year’s 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival running May 13-24.

    The Film Market will host screenings of four Macedonian films and between them the last release “Honey night” of the director Ivo Trajkov in which the main role is interpreted by our Giffoni Macedonia star Nikola Ristanovski!

    List of the movies presented in Cannes Film Festival

    Honey Night  by Ivo Trajkov
    Three Days in September  by Darijan Pejovski
    Siska deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic
    The Woman of My Life by Antony Donchev



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    Interview- Mark Noonan, director of “You’re ugly too”

    Interview with YOU’RE UGLY TOO director

    Dublin-based director Mark Noonan talks about his film YOU’RE UGLY TOO, how he got the idea for the film, about his first short QUESTIONS and finding out that he likes the combination of tragedy and humour, and about working with the young actress Lauren Kinsella.


    Mark Noonan is a writer/director working in drama and documentary. His first two short films QUESTIONS (2008) and GETTING AIR (2010) met with success at Irish and international festivals. A participant of the 2011 Berlinale Talent Campus, Mark Noonan presented his debut feature YOU’RE UGLY TOO in the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival’s Generation Kplus Competition.


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    Interview- Gabriele Salvatores, director of “Invisible boy”

    Interview with INVISIBLE BOY director

    Italian director Gabriele Salvatores talks about his film THE INVISIBLE BOY, that he wanted to make a film about a 13-year-old European superhero and how he wanted to be invisible as a teenager (particularly for the girls). Gabriele learned filmmaking by simply making films and he still enjoys working with amateurs.


    Born in 1950 in Naples, Gabriele Salvatores graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Piccolo Theatre in Milan. He was one of the founders, in 1972, of the Tetro dell’Elfo which within a few years became an important reference for a whole generation of young spectators...

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    Interview – Sanna Lenken, director of “My Skinny Sister”

    Interview with MY SKINNY SISTER director

    Sanna Lenken talks about her film MY SKINNY SISTER, about eating disorders like anorexia and how they have an impact on the whole family and wanting to make a fiction film about it. She remembers how long they had to search to find the young actress Rebecka Josephson. And she talks about figure skating and how they invented a special construction for filming on ice.


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    EFA Young Audience Award

    It’s the final countdown to the BIG event!
    EFA Young Audience Award is only TWO DAYS Away!
    May 3/Cineplexx – Skopje City Mall! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

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