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    Monthly Archives April 2015

    “Giffoni Macedonia” Joins ECFA (European Children’s Film Association)

    “Giffoni Macedonia” Joins ECFA (European Children’s Film Association)


    Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, through the Macedonian Film Agency, has officially became a member of ECFA -European Children’s Film Association, joining more than 60 companies and organizations coming from 23 different countries.

    ECFA focuses on high quality films for children and young people with the purpose of bringing children in contact with the magic of film, while at the same time promoting new ways of cooperation between Europe in the fields of production, festivals, distribution, exhibition and film education.

    Since its foundation, ECFA has organized series of workshops, meetings and events to promote and stimulate the development of European films...

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    The City of Skopje will for the first time host a European Young Audience Film Day, presented for the fourth time across Europe in organization of the European Film Academy. Macedonian youth will get the privilege of joining their European peers and play a decisive role in presenting the Young Audience Award, an official section of the European Film Awards.

    The award will be presented in the framework of a special event -Young Audience Film Day on Sunday, May 3 in 25 European cities.

    The young audience, aged 12-14, will act as a jury and vote for the winner right after the screenings. The three nominees for EFA Young Audience Award 2015 are:


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