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    Monthly Archives June 2014

    Победник на конкурсот за постер за Crossroads 2014/ Winner of the competition for a poster for Crossroads 2014

    Драги наши Џифонци,

    По долгиот и тежок процес на селекција и евалуација на пристигнатите идејни решенија на конкурсот за идејно решение за постер на овогодинешното издание на фестивалот “Џифони Македонија” со тема “Crossroads”, ни претставува големо задоволство да го објавиме победникот:)
    Автор на победничкото идејно решение е “РЕПУБЛИКА – адвертајзинг и маркетинг агенција”.
    Воедно би сакале да им се заблагодариме на сите учесници на конкурсот за прекрасните понудени идејни решенија, благодар...

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    Dream Fest in Slatina Romania, Day 3

    While the young jurors continued with the selection of the films in the cinema “Eugen Ionescu”, representatives of Giffoni Macedonia together with the professional jurors visited nearby monastery St. Konstantin Brancoveanu and got acquainted with the history and the tradition of the region of Slatina.

    The evening program was lead by Andrea, a girl from Slatina who was on the first edition of Giffoni Macedonia – “Steps”...

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    Dream Fest in Slatina Romania, Day 2

    Throughout the day young film enthusiasts continued with the screening of the films and the discussions in order to decide which film they will nominate for the Grand Prix award.

    The day ended with a beautiful performances by the talented children from Slatina in the cinema “Eugen Ionescu”

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    7 th Four River Film Festival, Day 2

    Screening of the Macedonian film in competition “Run”! Special guest star Stefan Milenkov sharing his experience on the stage with other 136 young filmmakers in the theater Zorin Dom! In the audience the Macedonian jury supporting him!

    FRF day 2

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    Giffoni Macedonia takes part in the Dream Fest in Slatina Romania

    Represented by the Creative Director Mr. Ivo Antov, together with two young film enthusiasts – Mila Arsovska and Iva Arsovska and their chaperon Mr. Darko Petrovski, Giffoni Macedonia for a first time is sharing beautiful experiences with kind and warm hosts from Slatina.

    This week, Slatina will turn into a place of imagination… The International Festival of Film for Children is proposing to the audience not only a high quality cinema competition, but also a journey in a fantasy world created for the young generation, with the ever complete means of the 7th art.

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    7 th Four River Film Festival, Day 1

    June 17, finally Karlovac is turning the dark off!!! Under the moto “Why keep the talent in darkness?” yesterday on the banks of the river Kupa the 7 th edition of the Four River Film Festival , the festival for young filmmakers was officially declared open. 150 young filmmakers from 30 different countries such as Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Austria, Belgium etc. arrived yesterday in Karloavac and for the next four days will be part of this unique experience.
    The four members jury from Macedonia will have a very difficult job and an important role in deciding who will get this year’s Grand Prix. Tamara Grozdanova, Lina Lambrinidis, Angela Chalovska and Marjana Asprovska on their first day in Karlovac got only the “warming up” by watc...

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    Band Competition

    Џифони Македонија им се заблагодарува и им го честита феноменалниот настап на Џифони ден 2014 на сите бендови кои учествуваа на музичкиот натпревар на средношколски бендови. „Дијахронија“, „NOVA High School Band“, „Тhe Bycicles“, „Decibell“, „Последната генерација“, „Астероид Б 612“ и „String Road“, се надеваме дека ова се имиња кои допрва ќе ги слушаме.

    Посебни честитки до победниците на натпреварот на средношколски бендови – „Астероид Б 612“, кои ќе бидат наградени со професионална студиска снимка на една песна, снимање на видео спот з...

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