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    Interview – Sanna Lenken, director of “My Skinny Sister”

    Interview with MY SKINNY SISTER director

    Sanna Lenken talks about her film MY SKINNY SISTER, about eating disorders like anorexia and how they have an impact on the whole family and wanting to make a fiction film about it. She remembers how long they had to search to find the young actress Rebecka Josephson. And she talks about figure skating and how they invented a special construction for filming on ice.


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    EFA Young Audience Award

    It’s the final countdown to the BIG event!
    EFA Young Audience Award is only TWO DAYS Away!
    May 3/Cineplexx – Skopje City Mall! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

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    “Giffoni Macedonia” Joins ECFA (European Children’s Film Association)

    “Giffoni Macedonia” Joins ECFA (European Children’s Film Association)


    Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, through the Macedonian Film Agency, has officially became a member of ECFA -European Children’s Film Association, joining more than 60 companies and organizations coming from 23 different countries.

    ECFA focuses on high quality films for children and young people with the purpose of bringing children in contact with the magic of film, while at the same time promoting new ways of cooperation between Europe in the fields of production, festivals, distribution, exhibition and film education.

    Since its foundation, ECFA has organized series of workshops, meetings and events to promote and stimulate the development of European films...

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    The City of Skopje will for the first time host a European Young Audience Film Day, presented for the fourth time across Europe in organization of the European Film Academy. Macedonian youth will get the privilege of joining their European peers and play a decisive role in presenting the Young Audience Award, an official section of the European Film Awards.

    The award will be presented in the framework of a special event -Young Audience Film Day on Sunday, May 3 in 25 European cities.

    The young audience, aged 12-14, will act as a jury and vote for the winner right after the screenings. The three nominees for EFA Young Audience Award 2015 are:


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    Selection of the participants from Macedonia to join the international youth jury of Giffoni Experience


    Оn 28.03.2015 (Saturday) аt 12am, at the Cinematheque of Macedonia the team of Giffoni Macedonia made the selection of the final four that will join the other eight selected jurors from Macedonia and  take part in the 45th edition of Giffoni Experience, to be held July 17-26 in Italy.

    More than 130 children and youth that applied to the Call published on the official web page and Facebook page of Giffoni Macedonia were part of the selection procedure, divided into two age groups (13+ and 16+).

    The event opened with the video dedicated to the 45 years of tradition of the festival Giffoni Experience and its accompanying activities,  after which the Italian Ambassador in Macedonia,  H. E...

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    EFA Young Audience Award

    The city of Skopje for the first time this year joins the European family of cities participating in the presentation of the EFA Young Audience Award, an official category of the European Film Award, organized by the European Film Academy.

    The award will be presented at a ceremony within the framework of the Young Audience Film Day on Sunday, 3 May, 2015.

    Three nominated films will be simultaneously screened in 26 different cities across Europe to a 12-14-year-old audience acting as jurors.  At the end of the Young Audience Film Day the young audience elects their favorite and then transmits the votes of their city to EFA.  The result is announced at the end of the Young Audience Film Day via a live stream, in a ceremony taking place in Erfurt, Germany.

    The program and activities in...

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    Пријавување за Филмскиот Фестивал за млади Џифони Македонија 2014

    10617651_10203517893961503_223671261_nЏифони Македонија е дел од рамките на најпознатиот филмски фестивал за млади Џифони Експиериенс Италија. За оваа година ви подготвивме нови филмови, многубројни работилници во кои ќе може креативно да се изразувате, дружења со познати личности од културата, филмот, уметноста и секако ширење на безброј познанства со деца од дури 10 земји од светот. Не размислувајте два пати, местата се ограничени, затоа пополнете ја оваа едноставна апликација и почуствувајте ја оваа единствена магија која владее на Џифони. Џифони не е само фестивал, Џифони е едно поинакво и неповторливо искуство кое ќе ги прошири вашите хоризонти...

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    Band Competition

    Џифони Македонија им се заблагодарува и им го честита феноменалниот настап на Џифони ден 2014 на сите бендови кои учествуваа на музичкиот натпревар на средношколски бендови. „Дијахронија“, „NOVA High School Band“, „Тhe Bycicles“, „Decibell“, „Последната генерација“, „Астероид Б 612“ и „String Road“, се надеваме дека ова се имиња кои допрва ќе ги слушаме.

    Посебни честитки до победниците на натпреварот на средношколски бендови – „Астероид Б 612“, кои ќе бидат наградени со професионална студиска снимка на една песна, снимање на видео спот з...

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    Giffoni Day 2014

    Since October is still far away, we are going to have a Giffoni Day. Celebrate the end  of the school year by  seeing your friends from Skopje’s high-schools playing film music. Participate in contests, apply for the October edition of the festival and have fun, together with us, on the 7th of June from12 to 17 o’clock.

    giffoni day cover photo english

    Џифони ден 2014 - Флајерс CS5 copy

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    Winners on the contest for Four River Festival, Croatia

    The winners on the contest for the Film Festival in Croatia are:

    1. Tamara Grozdanova
    2. Marijana Asprovska
    3. Angela Chaloska
    4. Lina Lambrinidis

    Congratulations girls!!!


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    A movie from the Giffoni Macedonia Film Festival on a festival in Croatia


    Dear “giffoners”, Giffoni Macedonia is proud to announce that one of the short films made in the “Workshop for one minute films and handheld devices” got accepted in the official film selection of the FOUR RIVER FILM FESTIVAL, a festival dedicated to young filmmakers in Croatia.

    Congratulations to the film “RUN” that will represent Macedonia on this festival in June, and CONGRATULATIONS to the team that worked on the film: Stefan Milenkov, Biljana Ristovski and Bianca Zavelca and their coordinator Stefan Palitov

    Great job guys!!!

    You can visit the site by clicking here

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    Winners of the competition for jury for the Giffoni Albania Film Festival

    Winners on the CONTEST FOR GIFFONI ALBANIA 2014 are:

    1. Marija Cekredji NOVA International Schools
    2. Isidora Cvetkovska SUGS Orce Nikolov
    3. Marija Basheska SUGS Orce Nikolov

    Congratulations girls!!!

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    Giffoni bands competition


    Во рамки на промотивниот ден на Џифони GIFFONI DAY, на 7ми јуни во Градскиот Парк ќе се одржи high-school bands competition, на кој може да учествуваат сите средношколски бендови составени од членови на возраст од 14 до 18 години кои ќе подготват 3-4 музички теми од филмови. Членовите од бендот може да бидат и од повеќе училишта. Формуларот за учество може да го најдете на веб сајтот на Џифони Македонија: www.giffoni.mk како и на фејсбук страната: Giffo...

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    Contest for Giffoni Albania 2014

    Let the Giffoni 2014 “journey” begin with Giffoni Albania! From April 28 till May 3 a Macedonian delegation of 3 young people GENERATOR 16+ will represent Macedonia on the 9th edition of GFF Albania! Everyone interested on the age of 16 to 18 can apply simply by filling in and submiting the Google form attached to the contest no later than April 1 !!!

    Giffoni Albania contest

    Google Form link


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    Конкурс и пропозиции за идејно решение за постер на 2-ро издание на Џифони Македонија 2014


    1 – ЦЕЛ
    Џифони Македонија го распишува 1-иот конкурс за изработка на идејно решение за постер/плакат за 2-то издание на Џифони Македонија (октомври 2014)

    Конкурсот е отворен за сите уметници постари од 16 години и кои се занимаваат со графички дизајн, визуелни комуникации, фотографија, ликовна уметност и сл. или за какви било други поединци/групи кои се љубители на горенаведеното.
    Конкурсот е отворен за ...

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